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Thanks for visiting our site! We manufacture our own items and RAISED the bar on quality for the discriminating restorer!

About Us

We started in 1977 with just a handful of Oldsmobile decals that were needed for our own restoration. As more enthusiasts saw our products, that’s when we noticed a market. Our online store started in 1998 and continued to expand with the addition of Buick, Chevrolet and Pontiac, and now advancing our total to 1130+ items.

Since began its automotive quest, we’ve been exciting our customers with products that are researched and manufactured accurately. That is the basis of our business mission. To us, that means much more than just making sure that all your specifications are satisfied, it also means making very sure that YOU are satisfied. Satisfied with our products and our services.

You’ve worked long and hard to finally finish that automotive restoration project. Of course you want to complete the transformation by having the correct restoration decals to make your car stand out in a crowd. Let help you achieve the excellence you deserve.

Our products were seen on a number of Concourse Gold vehicles at the 2023 MCACN show.